Phoenix TV

Corporate Profile

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PHOENIX TELEVISION began to broadcast on 31 March, 1996, with the philosophy of “reducing the distance within the global Chinese community and expressing the voice of Chinese to the world”, and striving to provide Chinese everywhere with high quality Mandarin Chinese television programming. Through twenty-one years of hard work, Phoenix has developed from being a one-channel station to a multi-channel television broadcaster, with the Phoenix Chinese Channel, the Phoenix InfoNews Channel, the Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Channel which broadcasts in Europe, the Phoenix North American Chinese Channel, the Phoenix Movie Channel and the Phoenix Hong Kong Channel. These six channels currently have an audience in excess of 360 million worldwide. Phoenix has now evolved into an omni-media corporate group, with an internet website (, which is ranked top in broadcasting platform, and tops clicking of all internet news providers, a weekly magazine, an outdoor Mega LED advertising business, and publishing, radio broadcasting, education projects, culture and game.

The Group’s Chinese Channel, InfoNews Channel, European Channel, American Channel, Movie Channel and Hong Kong Channel,carried on AsiaSat 7, China Sat-6B, EUROBIRD, Telsat-12, Directv, Echostar, G3-C, SATMEX-6, Bell ExpressVU and other broadcasting platforms, have achieved global coverage, with almost 60 news bureaus and production teams located worldwide.

Over 22 years, Phoenix has settled in different regions, and owned properties in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, London, Los Angeles and Beijing. In 2006, China Phoenix Building, a 26-story building with a total surface area of over 100,000 square meters, opened in Shenzhen. The headquarters of Phoenix Television in Hong Kong is a 4-story building occupying a total area of 40,000 square meters opened in 2009. European Channel has settled in the commercial centre in southwest London, applying over 850 square meters. American Channel located its 2,800 square meters office in Los Angeles in 2014. The new Phoenix Center located in Chaoyang District in Beijing has a land area of 18,000 square meters with a total construction area of over 65,000 square meters.

Phoenix Media Investment (Holdings) Limited was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 30 June 2000, and then on 5 December 2008 the Phoenix Corporation transferred to the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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